L’Huile des Orgues

Nature offers us true works of art; we try to respect it, to take the best from it and to be worthy of those treasures.
Nobility and fineness are the prerogative characteristics of the range “Huile des orgues”, born from the union of an exceptional site in the middle of the Roussillon with research for the best quality at every stage of production by the owners.

The range’s signature: An excellent taste and subtle aromas.
Single variety oils that are in process of approval by AOP Roussillon, as well as oils in perfect harmony with various herbs, each range is authentic and leads us to discover the unique flavours that naturally open the door to gastronomy. Thanks to careful packaging, useful and well designed containers that elegantly decorate your dining table and kitchen, with pleasure prolonged through the length tasting

AOP=controlled origin

Qui sommes-nous ?

Noël Fabre has been a fruit farmer for more than fifty years. Seven years ago, he started in olive growing with passion. He created with his wife Lily a fifty-four acre olive grove on a unique site particulary suitable for fruit growing. His goal: to allow this exceptional land express itself with selected traditional olive varieties and ancestral techniques that is in total harmony with the process of approval of the AOP Roussillon currently in the INAO

Noël, Lily, Marie-Neige and Philippe

Noël leans on the varietal potential of Roussillon bequeathed by his ancestors and resurrected by precursors such as the tree nursery Baches d’Eus. He has patiently pursued his goal to reveal the best of this Catalan oil on his property…


Les Orgues d’Ille sur Têt

Nature offers us true works of art. The rocky hills, the Orgues d’Ille sur Têt, have been modelled by time and erosion and look like an amazing set of organ pipes. They are located in the north of the village, on the left riverbank.
“Alternating between an ochre and grey hue that results from a blend of succession of deposits, it plays with the shadows held with these columns that are so delicately sculpted”
(extract from “un village en Roussillon, Ille sur tet, le livre d’histoire” by Émile et Léon Delonca, Lorisse Paris 2001)


The Mas Fabre has chosen the Olivière, a traditional variety from Roussillon with the small yield (less than 15%), however it has a really harmonious taste, with hints of dried tomatoes.
Hand harvested, at the optimal time of maturity, and cold pressed, this vintage olive oil is perfect to accompany all your salads and raw vegetables, or a litte poured vegetables potatoes or fish.

Vintage single variety l’Olivière

The vintage “Olivière Huile des Orgues” expresses in a unique way the result of long research for quality with the respect for the traditional know-how.
This nectar known here as “the yellow gold” for its unique taste invoking fresh tomatoes, almonds and raw artichokes as well as its deep yellow colour, is treasure which offers you immense gastronomic possibilites.

Traditions range

“Huile des Orgues” Traditions nicely blends oils from varieties of the domain, mainly: the Olivière, the Verdale and the Poumal.
“Huile des Orges” characteristic is present with this nice balance of delicate taste and flavours. The Verdale variety gives this oil a hint of freshness and greenness which blend with the rich fruity flavours of the Olivière variety together with the soft Poumal variety.
This rich intense blend is perfect with summer salads and is also good for cooking.

Symphonies range

“Huile des Orgues” Symphonies is made of oils from the property, made with varied local olive cultivated according to the ancestral methods, and of natural extracts or aromas. Each blend is carefully produced to obtain well balanced and subtle taste. Many possibilites are offered to you with this range from giving your dishes a personal and gastronomic touch or to simple pasta, salads or steamed vegetables.

. Truffe flavour
. Herbs of Provence flavour
. Basilic flavour

High quality olive oil directly made from olives and only with mechanical process. To be kept away from light and heat.